National Council for Community and Education Partnerships

We Rise

To some, it’s work—but to us, it’s a movement. Accelerating the college and career readiness of underserved students is challenging, but yields remarkable rewards. In a time of great uncertainty, nurturing and harnessing the power of our movement is the key to our shared success. 

Join a strong and vibrant community of leaders fiercely committed to expanding educational opportunity for all students. Become a member of NCCEP today.


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Why Membership Matters



We all share a desire to maximize our impact, but there are few blueprints to guide our work. Our association is founded on the belief that our community is rich in real-world expertise that can be harnessed for the greater good. Enhanced communication and collaboration are necessities for ensuring our individual programs and national community thrive. As a member, you can more effectively learn, share, and gain access to resources and programs that help you and your team achieve your goals. 



The demands for more impactful research and evaluation for program improvement and accountability will not be retreating anytime soon. Our association is founded on the belief that each of us can rise to the challenge of yielding data-driven insights to inform our practices and policies. As a member, you can gain access to a community of experts, relevant tools and resources, and tailored professional development that will help you establish a stronger research and evaluation foundation. 



Ensuring that policymakers understand and value GEAR UP is fraught with challenges, but paramount to realizing our shared mission. Our association is founded on the belief that while our collective voice is powerful, we have yet to reach our full potential. As a member, you can help elevate our community’s political standing; gain access to insider information, toolkits, and resources; and get hands-on support to better mobilize your stakeholders in support of GEAR UP. 


Take the Next Step


We are currently rolling out the suite of programs, initiatives, and benefits designed to enhance communication and collaboration, facilitate the adoption of best practices, and enhance your team’s professional development. To learn more about becoming an institutional member of NCCEP, we'd love to talk to you.