Enroll as a Member of NCCEP


Overall, the enrollment form should take less than 10 minutes to complete and will only need to be completed once per institutional member as the enrollment form will accommodate multiple GEAR UP grants your institution may hold. If you have multiple GEAR UP Directors at your institution, please coordinate your enrollment as a team. Moving forward, you will not need to complete this information again.

To complete the enrollment process, you will need the following details prepared:

  • PR/Award Number(s): This field (or fields) if you have multiple awards, will capture your PR/Award number(s), which can be found on the Grant Award Notification for each of your GEAR UP grants.

  • PR/Award End Year(s): Please identify the year in which each PR/Award grant will conclude.

  • Grant Type: Please designate each PR/Award as a State or Partnership Grant.

  • GEAR UP Fiscal Agent’s Name. For invoicing purposes, please submit the formal name of the institutional member, generally a state agency, institution of higher education or LEA, who is the fiscal agent for the grant award.

  • Preferred GEAR UP Program Name. Please carefully specify how you would like your GEAR UP program to be referred to for multiple purposes, including the NCCEP Virtual Learning Community. For example, your grant’s fiscal agent name may be “Springfield University,” but your preferred GEAR UP Program Name could be “GEAR UP Springfield.”

  • Key Contact’s Name and Contact Information: The name, email, and mailing address for the key point of contact related to NCCEP membership on behalf of the institutional member.

  • Invoice/Billing Contact Person’s Name and Contact Information: If the invoice/ billing contact is different from the Key Contact previously provided, provide their name, email, and mailing address.

Also, you will select the type of membership and dues structure you will have using the outline below:

  • State and Partnership GEAR UP Grants: The annual membership dues for a State or Partnership GEAR UP Grantee—typically the fiscal agent—will be the lesser of $3,500 or 1% of their annual federal GEAR UP award. For each additional GEAR UP grant beyond the first, a $500 supplement will be added to the annual dues.

Grants will be classified into “types” based on the dues structure. State grants and institutions with one partnership grant will be “Member Class A.” Institutions with two partnership awards will be “Member Class B.” Institutions with three partnership awards will be “Member Class C,” and so on. The enrollment form will make it easy for you to identify your member type.

After completing your enrollment form, you will receive an email confirmation. Following your enrollment approval, you will receive a second email, which will provide your membership invoicing details. To help you complete the enrollment and dues payment process, please add the following email as a “safe sender” in your email account, as you will receive a confirmation email and invoices from this email: MemberHelp@edpartnerships.org.

For assistance, please email us any time. Thank you for your commitment to GEAR UP students and families, and we look forward to your membership engagement as an NCCEP member. Together we rise!