Instructional Tools

NCCEP has developed two multimedia programs designed to help GEAR UP and other college access programs engage families in helping their students plan and prepare for college. Éxito Escolar and 16 Summers include both video and print materials, and are adaptable for use inside and outside the classroom. Their messages speak directly to low-income, first-generation college-bound students and their families, and are an excellent enhancement to your college readiness program.


16 Summers

This exciting multimedia college access curriculum includes a 40-minute film featuring actor and musician Nick Cannon and focuses on preparing students and their families for higher education. Through this program, participants learn about the benefits of higher education, financial planning for college, college admissions testing, and college application procedures.


Éxito Escolar

Éxito Escolar is a multimedia college access curriculum focused around a series of four bilingual films. The goal of this program is to prepare Latino students and their families for postsecondary education. The curriculum builds off the collection of films, which follow the experiences of students and their families as they explore life beyond high school. These highly engaging films are created in the style of popular Spanish-language telenovelas.