Éxito Escolar

A Toolkit for Academic Success in the Latino Community

Éxito Escolar is an exciting multimedia college access curriculum focused around a series of four bilingual films. The goal of this program is to prepare Latino students and their families for postsecondary education. The curriculum builds off the collection of films, which follow the experiences of students and their families as they explore life beyond high school. These highly engaging films are created in the style of popular Spanish-language telenovelas.

Topics addressed include:

  • Benefits of postsecondary education

  • Financial planning for college

  • Family and cultural influences

  • U.S. higher education structure

  • Role of standardized admissions testing

  • College application procedures

Ordering Éxito Escolar

The Éxito Escolar program teaches Latino students and families about ways to apply to and pay for postsecondary education. The materials are designed for use by teachers, counselors, administrators, youth program coordinators, parent/family involvement coordinators, or anyone who works with students and families and would like to share information about postsecondary education.

A variety of tools for integrating the novelas into your program are provided, including:

  • An eight-module comprehensive college access curriculum designed to inform and motivate first generation college-bound students (including a facilitator's manual, PowerPoint presentations, and a student workbook);

  • Everything you need to host a one-time Éxito Escolar College Access Event, including event planning tips, participant handouts, promotional flyers and a full event script; and

  • Bilingual Information Sheets that include activities for families and students to use at home.

  • Éxito Escolar is recommended for students in grades 6 - 12 and for their parents.

Éxito Escolar is an informative, flexible program that has been used in a variety of ways to reach out to students and families, including:

  • Serving as the basis of a year-long for-credit college access course for high school juniors

  • Holding novela viewing events in apartment complexes and community centers to reach out to families

  • Hosting a college access night for students and families

  • Incorporating the curriculum into teacher education programs so that teachers are prepared to assist their students in the college planning process

What makes Éxito Escolar unique? The format of this outreach tool utilizes a fresh, culturally relevant alternative for communicating educational content to Latino families and provides a modern spin on traditionally dull educational videos. The conversation about college awareness and preparation is jump started through the popular, engaging style of the telenovela. These Spanish-language soap operas are extremely popular in the Latino community and their appeal is rapidly growing to a global scale.

Each copy of the  Éxito Escolar toolkit is $19.99.