Evaluation Consortium


The College and Career Readiness Evaluation Consortium (CCREC)

CCREC is a longitudinal research and evaluation project made up of 13 GEAR UP state grant projects collectively serving over 100,000 students in more than 400 high-poverty middle and high schools. NCCEP serves as the managing partner and collaborates with ACT, Inc. and the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. To date, the project has developed common data definitions and a longitudinal data repository. Additionally, the states have administered 8th and 10th-grade longitudinal college and career assessments and collected and analyzed three years of data. 

NCCEP is moving forward with CCREC 2.0, which is slated to begin implementation in 2018. CCREC 2.0 will be grounded in lessons learned from the inaugural project and the application of an enhanced research and evaluation infrastructure.  

The original CCREC is a GEAR UP member state organization that includes: Arizona, Idaho, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Currently, CCREC is conducting a multi-state evaluation of the GEAR UP program to assess the impact of common interventions. In FY 2011-12, CCREC conducted systemic planning; in FY 2012-13 CCREC developed a research and evaluation framework; for FY 2013-18, CCREC is in the implementation phase. The CCREC reporting phase will go through FY 2025 in order to evaluate the postsecondary enrollment, persistence, and graduation of two longitudinal cohorts of students.

NCCEP and the CCREC state GEAR UP grantees are collaborating with two organizations to fulfill this work: (1) ACT, Inc. which is providing $1,000,000 in-kind contributions over the life of the project through research capacity, test-administration support, and dissemination through presentations and publications, and (2) the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center which provides contractual services through data hosting and reporting interfaces. NCCEP serves as the managing partner for CCREC.

CCREC recognizes the importance of a national project to advance the evaluation of a national program and, as such, engages key stakeholders by providing them with information and updates on a regular basis. These stakeholders include the U.S. Department of Education, State GEAR UP grantees, and others.

To strengthen GEAR UP’s culture of evidence-based assessment, the CCREC states agreed voluntarily to adopt common data collection and evaluation practices and document more comprehensively the impact of GEAR UP at the local, state, and national levels. The adoption of standard service definitions is the first product of the multi-state effort. These definitions are being shared with all GEAR UP programs and can be adopted by other GEAR UP state and partnership grantees at their discretion.