Take Action!

NCCEP targets its public policy toward advancing appropriations and legislation that broaden access to opportunities in education for low-income, minority and first-generation students.  NCCEP engages the GEAR UP community in grassroots organizing, lobbies Congress for change, and participates in coalitions and partnerships with other education associations.

Take a look at NCCEP's new report, Implementing Near-Peer and College Fit Services Across the GEAR UP Community.

NCCEP’s Legislative Goals for GEAR UP

  • Protect continued funding for GEAR UP for FY 2017;
  • Serve as a facilitator of communications between the U.S. Department of Education, GEAR UP grantees and Congress in the potential HEA reauthorization discussions;
  • Ensure that GEAR UP remains a national priority and leading program to increase the number of low-income students who are prepared to enter and succeed in postsecondary education.

Get Involved!

GEAR UP needs you.  Download the NCCEP/GEAR UP Resource Guide and Effective Advocacy Toolkit to learn how to get involved and take action today!  The toolkit will guide you on how to contact your Senators and Representatives, help you in your mobilization efforts as well as how to get the media involved. 

If you don't act, who will speak for our low-income, minority and disadvantaged students?  Here's how you can get involved right now:

1. Contact your Congressional Delegations

Share information with your elected representatives on how GEAR UP is transforming the lives of students and parents in your community.  While U.S. Department of Education regulations restrict the direct lobbying efforts of grantees (see Section 82 of EDGAR), you can and should educate Congress as to how GEAR UP serves the students and families in your district.   Consult with your colleagues and partners and craft messages that provide evidence that your GEAR UP program works. 

Find your Members of Congress

2. Mobilize your stakeholders

It is essential that Congress hears from everyone that benefits from GEAR UP: your school/higher education administrators, teachers and counselors, business/community partners, governors and state leaders, students, and most importantly, parents!  Be sure to take time to educate your stakeholders on how to advocate for GEAR UP and talk about it's impact on your students and community.  Encourage them to voice their support for GEAR UP to their Congressional Representatives.

3. Engage the broader community and the media

Not everyone in your community may know what the GEAR UP program is about, why it exists, and what it has accomplished in your schools.  Use this opportunity to engage the general community and local/regional leadership in a dialogue about the valuable solutions that GEAR UP provides for underserved students.  Empower students and parents to speak out on behalf of GEAR UP.  Contact your local media outlets and share your GEAR UP story!

GEAR UP Program Locator

Are GEAR UP services available in your state or region? You can find out by clicking on this interactive map. Here you will find where GEAR UP programs currently serve students, the size of their grants, how many students they serve and a link to their website for more information.