Event Materials

2018 NCCEP/GEAR UP Capacity-Building Workshop

Monday, February 5


Excel 1: Leveraging Change Management tools for GEAR UP Program Planning (PowerPoint) (Planning Template) (Delivery Chain Photos)

Excel 2: Building Schools That Work for All Students (PowerPoint)

Excel 3: Naming, Claiming, and Aiming Our Talents (PowerPoint)

Excel 4: Breaking Barriers to Successful Family Engagement (General PowerPoint & Reflection Sheet) (Leadership PowerPoint & Handout) (Curricula PowerPoint & Handout) (Recruitment PowerPoint & Handout) (Partnerships Handout) (Supplemental Handouts 1, 2, & 3)

Excel 5: Redefining Readiness (PowerPoint) (Handouts 1, 2, & 3)

Excel 6: Transferable Models of Instruction (PowerPoint)

Excel 7: GEAR UP in the 7th Year—Fulfilling the Promise (PowerPoint) (Handouts 1 & 2)


Seminar #1: Completing the GEAR UP Annual and Final Performance Reports (ED) (PowerPoint)

Seminar #3: Preparing for Your Next GEAR UP, Pt 1: The Competitive Process (PowerPoint) (GEAR UP Application Selection Criteria)

Seminar #4: Preparing NEW GEAR UP Leaders for Success, Pt. 1: Compliance and Administration (PowerPoint) (Handout)

Seminar #5: Creating a Culture of Makers: Incorporating Hands-On, Low-Cost STEM Activities in GEAR UP (PowerPoint) (Handout)

Seminar #6: Pick a Problem: Changing the Paradigm of Student Guidance Through Problem-Solving (PowerPoint) (Handout)

Seminar #7: Making Good College Tours Great: Making Good College Tours Great: Strategies to Take Yours to the Next Level (PowerPoint) (Handout)

Seminar #9: Reaching Higher: Effectively Utilizing the (Free) Tools and Resources from Better Make Room (PowerPoint) (Handout)

Seminar #11: Cut the Jargon: Financial Aid Language for Real People (PowerPoint)

Tuesday, February 6


Prove 1: Beyond Compliance: Effectively Mapping Your APR and FPR Data (PowerPoint) (Handouts 1 & 2)

Prove 2: Improving Your Team's Use of Data, Evidence, and Action Planning (PowerPoint) (Handout Packet)

Prove 3: The Four Keys of College & Career Readiness-Actionable Strategies Grounded in Research (PowerPoint) (Handouts 1 & 2)

Prove 4: Predictors and Indicators of College Readiness: Understanding the Research to Improve Programming (PowerPoint) (Handouts 1 & 2)

Prove 5: Deconstructing Data for Optimal Programming (PowerPoint) (Handouts 1 & 2)

Prove 6: Mapping an Analytic Framework to Advance Evaluation (PowerPoint) (Handouts 1 & 2)


Seminar #12: Documenting the Match and Cost-Share Requirements (ED) (PowerPoint)

Seminar #15: Preparing New GEAR UP Leaders for Success, Pt 2: Foundational Issues in GEAR UP Implementation (PowerPoint)

Seminar #17: Putting the CAREER in College and Career Readiness (PowerPoint) (Handout)

Seminar #19: Harmony Out of Chaos: Effectively Manging Your Goals, Portfolio, & Team (PowerPoint) (Handout)

Seminar #20: A Completely Modern Approach to Evidence-Based Mentoring (PowerPoint) (Handouts 1, 2, & 3)

Seminar #22: Up Your Game: Advancing Readiness Through Gaming (PowerPoint) (Handout)

Wednesday, February 7


Mobilize 1: Delivering Effective Presentations (PowerPoint) (Handout Packet)

Mobilize 2: Securing Buy-In Through Advocacy (PowerPoint) (Advocacy Packet)

Mobilize 3: Culturally-Responsive Communications in Family Engagement (PowerPoint) (Handout Packet)

Mobilize 4: Crafting a Communications Plan (PowerPoint) (Communications Packet) (Handouts 1 & 2)

Mobilize 5: Culture, Identity, & Experience: Building an Effective GEAR UP Brand (Handout Packet)

Mobilize 6: Igniting Imagination: Harness Story, Play, and Design to Create Transformative Learning Experiences (PowerPoint)