2019 Data, Research & Evaluation Institutes


Wednesday, July 17 • 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm• Post-Conference Registration Fee: $250

Each summer at the Annual Conference, NCCEP offers Data, Research & Evaluation Institutes (DREI)—a series of workshops for practitioners, researchers, evaluators, and data managers from all areas of expertise. The DREI include three post-conference workshops covering a range of evaluation topics focused on advancing the skillsets of college access and success professionals.

All of the workshops are targeted for individuals with different levels of experience, allowing them to add value to their data, research, and evaluation skills. Download the 2019 DREI overview for additional details. 

DREI 101

An Introduction to Data and Evaluation
Now that I have a grant, how do I collect and use data?

Understanding the core foundational aspects of GEAR UP data collection and use are essential for effectively running a GEAR UP grant. Join NCCEP’s Vice President of Research and Evaluation for this beginner-level, informative session that will cover an introductory overview of GEAR UP data management and data use practices which will include hands-on materials that you can use as a toolkit for your program. An overview of GEAR UP policy and data requirements will be provided, along with best practices for defining data, collecting data, using these data to measure performance indicators, and ultimately building the foundation for good evaluation. Send your evaluator or bring your leadership team for this hands-on workshop to get your data efforts underway. You will leave with knowledge of continuous data collection and program strategies that will enhance your program. This Institute will be especially beneficial for new GEAR UP programs and/or staff teams.

Led by Dr. Chrissy Tillery, NCCEP

DREI 201

An Examination of National Student Clearinghouse Data
Now that I have postsecondary data, how do I understand and connect it to other data?

The cornerstone of GEAR UP’s data is postsecondary outcome data. The question we all aim to answer is did students enroll, persist, and graduate from college? Many grantees use the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to obtain these data but oftentimes we don’t have the most effective ways of understanding and reporting those data, especially linked to other areas of our work. Join leaders from NSC to learn how to most accurately obtain and use postsecondary data to best understand the postsecondary impact of GEAR UP. This workshop will demystify NSC data and prepare you to embed it into your analyses.

Led by Michele Gralak and Joshua Leake, National Student Clearinghouse

DREI 301

A Compilation of Quasi-Experimental Designs and Appropriate Analyses
Now that I have longitudinal data, how can I best analyze the impact of GEAR UP?

GEAR UP evaluation is complex and nuanced. Conducting rigorous evaluation remains a challenge that many grantees work toward. Grantees are encouraged to use randomization and/or comparison groups to examine the impact of GEAR UP. However, given that educational research is not always conducive to randomization and not all data is in the form of scores, a variety of analysis methodologies are required for non-experimental analyses. To advance GEAR UP, grantees must better analyze their data in ways to answer questions about program effectiveness. Join this workshop to learn a variety of methods for advancing quasi-experimental analytics in GEAR UP.

Led by Dr. Les Bolt, University of Virginia