2018 Data, Research & Evaluation Institutes

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Wednesday, July 18 • 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm• Post-Conference Registration Fee: $250

Each summer at the Annual Conference, NCCEP offers Data, Research & Evaluation Institutes (DREI)—a series of workshops for practitioners, researchers, evaluators, and data managers from all areas of expertise. The DREI include three post-conference workshops covering a range of evaluation topics focused on advancing the skillsets of college access and success professionals.

All of the workshops are targeted for individuals with different levels of experience, allowing them to add value to their data, research, and evaluation skills. Download the 2018 DREI overview for additional detail. 

DREI 101

An Introduction to GEAR UP Data, Research & Evaluation
Understanding the core foundational aspects of GEAR UP research and evaluation are essential for effectively running a GEAR UP grant. Join NCCEP’s Vice President of Research and Evaluation for this beginner-level, informative session that will cover an introductory overview of GEAR UP data management and evaluation practices which will include hands-on materials that you can use as a toolkit for your program. An overview of GEAR UP policy and data requirements will be provided, along with best practices for defining, collecting, and using data to measure performance indicators, and more. Send your evaluator, or bring your leadership team, for this hands-on workshop to get your evaluation efforts underway and leave with knowledge of continuous data collection and program strategies that will enhance your program. This Institute will be especially beneficial for new GEAR UP programs and/or staff. 

Led by Chrissy Tillery, NCCEP

DREI 201

Formative Evaluation to Power GEAR UP Service Design
Evaluation can be a scary word for those who work in education, including GEAR UP. With the wrong focus, evaluation can sound like judgment about a program’s worth and place high-stakes pressure on program staff. In this session, we will explore how low-stakes, formative evaluation can instead empower GEAR UP staff members to continuously improve their services and service delivery by providing actionable information about the appeal and effectiveness of those services. We will review frameworks and formative evaluation tools that can be used by GEAR UP leaders and service providers, as well as tools for working with evaluators to plan effective and meaningful formative evaluations. Essential topics covered will include appropriate data to use for formative evaluation, strategies for effective data collection, do-it-yourself (DIY) analytic approaches, and the challenge of getting staff buy-in and positive mindsets about formative evaluation. This institute will delve into two case studies: one about a state GEAR UP program that adopted formative evaluation mid-way through its grant, and the other about an innovative, design thinking approach to improving a growth mindset intervention.

Led by Lauren Bates, Education Northwest

DREI 301

Leveraging Evidenced-Based Academic Indicators for Program Success: An Interactive Workshop in Applying a Data Improvement Cycle
Do you find the educators you work with are data confused? Do they find it difficult to wade through mountains of data that could be streamlined to enact a school improvement process? In this advanced Data, Research, and Evaluation Institute a pair of data evangelists will share research and best-practices associated with a data improvement process. Participants will have opportunities to explore research, interact with authentic data, engage in rich discussions with other GEAR UP professionals, and investigate the application of a data-infused school improvement planning process. This session will be grounded in college-readiness academic indicators. 

Led by Angela Urick and Scott Wilson, University of Oklahoma