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One of Tennessee’s most well-known statewide college access initiatives is the suite of events called the Path to College Events. The events are College Planning Night, College Application Week, College Goal Tennessee, and College Signing Day. The events are designed and packaged by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission to be ready-made events that are easy to host, but pliable enough to implement in any type of school. Though many urban schools in Tennessee do implement these events, a majority of the schools are rural. These implementation guides haves step-by-step instructions of how to plan, publicize and facilitate your event. The guides also include a number of forms, handouts, and other resources that can be provided to students prior, during, and after the events. There are also a collection of best practices in the College Application Week and College Signing Day Implementation Guides (College Planning Night is new this year), which give specific examples of what schools have done to celebrate these events in the past.