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In this rapidly changing, complex, global world we live in you will have multiple jobs and careers in your lifetime, and will experience enumerable opportunities for personal and professional growth and learning. This resource is targeted for high school and college students, but of interest to people of all ages interested in improving their performance, accelerating learning, and developing key leadership skills applicable to success at school or work, or in any life pursuit. The life, learning, and leadership skills highlighted in this resource are each a key to success, but also very interrelated: 1. Relaxed Concentration (The Concentration Diagram and the Importance of Flow) 2. Awareness of Self and Others (The Culture Iceberg and Your Johari Window) 3. Don't Take It Personally!  4. The Gap (Is There a Gap Between Your Goals and What You Are Doing?)  5. The Power of Habits!  6. Effort, Grit, and Growth (Growth Mindset)  7. Emotional Intelligence  8. The E = Emc2 Formula for Staying Focused on Your Goals, Maximizing Positive Energy, and Putting Yourself in Position to Make Good Decisions.  Click here (or above) to access the resource.

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