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The College and Career Readiness Evaluation Consortium: Baseline Data Results The College and Career Readiness Evaluation Consortium (CCREC) is comprised of 14 state GEAR UP grants that, in partnership with NCCEP, ACT, and the National Student Clearinghouse, are collaborating on a longitudinal effort to assess the impact of GEAR UP. Baseline results including ACT findings from analyses of over 40,000 Explore-tested GEAR UP students and a matched comparison group, and outcomes from CCREC analyses of over 59,000 GEAR UP students in sixth grade through the first year of college, will be shared. These results include demographic information, academic achievement, educational plans, self-reported needs, GEAR UP service participation, and postsecondary enrollment.

Speakers: Chrissy Tillery, Ed.D., Director of Evaluation, NCCEP, Washington, DC; Ty M. Cruce, Senior Research Scientist, ACT, Inc., Iowa City, IA; Darlene Cole, CEO/Director of Research, CoBro Consulting, San Diego, CA