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2013 NCCEP/GEAR UP Annual Conference, Tuesday, July 16, 2013

First-Year Postsecondary Education 

#73 - The 7th Year
Vermont State GEAR UP launched its 7th year program this year and will share the common expectations that parents face as they approach the transition to college independent of, and alongside, their students. Presenters will address the ways in which students can prepare for a smoother transition, plan for adjustment issues, and be prepared for the change in academic environment, social life, work load, and independence. Communication within the family, sharing appropriate responsibility, and understanding where students are in terms of anxiety, emotion, and growing independence will be key topics. Presenters will share their own ups and downs of learning, planning, and launching a series of 7th year events and programs. Participants will engage in dialogue and an activity that emphasizes the positive realities as well as family/student fears of this new experience.
Presenters: Cathy Printon, Community and Parent Program Coordinator, Vermont State GEAR, Vermont Student Assistance Corporation
Laurie Berryman, GEAR UP Manager, Vermont State GEAR UP, Vermont Student Assistance Corporation

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