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2013 NCCEP/GEAR UP Annual Conference, Monday, July 15, 2013

#48 - We (Love) Data: Data Mining Analysis & Dissemination to Improve Program Implementation
Ready to dive into the world of data? This presentation will provide you with the opportunity to do so! Learn how GEAR UP NC is using data mining and dissemination to better inform programming and outreach for students and families. Presenters will share how they are creating district report cards from data pieces entered into the program database to inform districts on where they are succeeding, and ways in which they can continue to improve on services they provide. You will also see how data mining can become a gold mine when it comes to conducting analyses of individual services and their effect on postsecondary enrollment. What types of student services matter in terms of student outcomes? For example, do college visits have a significant impact on whether or not students enroll in college? The presenters will discuss how findings can be used to improve program implementation. After this presentation there is no doubt you will ♥ data, too!
Presenters: Tenika McMillan, Interim Research & Evaluation Specialist, GEAR UP North Carolina
Courtney Burns, Research Associate, GEAR UP North Carolina
Carol Cutler White, Director, GEAR UP North Carolina

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