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2013 NCCEP/GEAR UP Annual Conference, Monday, July 15, 2013

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#37 The School-Self Assessment Rubric: Assessing Your College-Going Culture
This session will engage participants with the School-Self Assessment Rubric (SSAR) used by California GEAR UP schools as part of its whole-school reform and systemic efforts to develop the six conditions of a college-going culture for ALL middle school students. The SSAR was designed for school communities, specifically middle school educators, to use in assessing their current school and measuring their progress over time in developing a college-going culture. Attendees will learn ways in which the school-site leadership team at Everett Middle School in San Francisco used this tool to identify priorities and plan school wide strategic professional develop¬ment to improve six conditions: 1) De¬velopment of a College-Going Culture, 2) Rigorous Academic Curriculum, 3) High Quality Teaching, 4) Intensive Academic and College-Going Support, 5) College-Going Identity, and 6) Family-Neighborhood-School Supports.
Convener: Michele Molitor, School Services Coach, Whole School Services, California GEAR UP
Presenters: Tracy Brown, Community Schools Coordinator, Everett Middle School, San Francisco USD
Meg Escamillo, Counselor, Everett Middle School, San Francisco USD
Rebecca Flores, Family Liaison, Everett Middle School, San Francisco USD

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