16 Summers: A Multimedia Toolkit for Academic Success

This exciting multimedia college access curriculum is designed to prepare students and their families for higher education. A comprehensive curriculum accompanies a 40-minute film featuring actor and musician Nick Cannon. 16 Summers follows the experiences of the Taylor family as they explore the importance of attending college. When the family falls on hard times, they are forced to learn more about the impact education has on their lives. Through this program, participants learn about the benefits of higher education, financial planning for college, college admissions testing, and college application procedures. The curriculum includes a Facilitator’s Guide for Educators, PowerPoint presentations, Student Handbook, College Access Event Guide, and Parent/Student Information Sheets. The 16 Summers film and training materials were created for teachers, counselors, administrators, youth program coordinators, parent/family involvement coordinators, or anyone who works with students and families.


The 16 Summers curriculum is developed specifically for low-income, first-generation college-bound students. The lessons and activities are presented in a customizable format that allows the facilitator to adjust the presentation to various levels of student experience and familiarity.

The complete program includes:

  • 40-minute 16 Summers film
  • Comprehensive eight-module Facilitator's Guide
  • Student Handbook
  • Take-home Information Sheets for students summarizing each module
  • Corresponding PowerPoint Presentations for each of the eight modules
  • Everything you need to host a 16 Summers College Access Event, including event planning tips, participant handouts, promotional flyers, and a full event script

Hosting a college access night for students and families.16 Summers is recommended for students in grades 6­ – 12 and for their parents. The materials can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Supplementing after-school or summer programming for teenagers.
  • Holding 16 Summers movie nights.
  • Using the film to engage parents in their student's education.

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