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From the West Alabama Newsroom--  A new program underway in Selma and Dallas County is designed to raise the high school graduation rate and equip students to successfully move on to college -- or enter the workforce.

GEAR-UP Alabama is a new initiative that uses a two-pronged approach to help students become more college or career ready after high school. Officials with the program say it focuses its efforts and resources in schools -- and in the home.

"Our goal is to get our students better prepared to get into school and be successful in school," said program director Dr. Veronique Zimmerman-Brown.

Hundreds of students attended a rally Friday morning at Wallace Community College Selma to kick-off the program in the Selma and Dallas County area.

"We want them to be able to start and finish and earn that degree or their certificate so that they can become productive people in our community," said Zimmerman-Brown.

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Source: Alabama News