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Even in summer, there is still learning to be had and fun to be had doing it.

That's what GEAR UP, a year-round school program with a one-week summer camp, is trying to teach groups of U.P. students in an effort to get them thinking about higher education.

"GEAR UP, for the Marquette area, is helping the students think about furthering their education. They're doing activities and attending presentations during summer camp that get their brains thinking about things they want to do in the future...if they want to do veterinary science, pre-med, stuff at Northern, etc." said GEAR UP Student Coordinator Meredith Waara.

Monday's presentation, as part of the summer camp for students, took place at NMU's West Science Building and was all about science and how it can be as enjoyable as it is educational.

To that end, the students were treated to a series of interactive lessons disguised as fun activities including how to create a tube of flame in a bottle, how to burst a balloon with nothing more than a beam of light and even how to make bubbles using dry ice.

When the fun was done, students who were already considering a career in science were even more motivated.

"I have, for a while, known what I want to do. The major I want to get is in marine biology, so I'd have to go through science and it involves the sciences. So, it (the presentation) upped it a lot, actually." said student Miala Hyde.

"I was already interested, but now I'm even more because I always do like a little bit of the chemistry. And now I like it even more being able to see the stuff in action. It's just fun and interesting at the same time." said student Gage Nutt.

The group concluded the day of learning with their traditional Egg Drop. The summer camp continues through Saturday.

To learn more about GEAR UP and its mission, click here.

Source: Upper Michigans Source