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By Dana Martinez

CIBOLA COUNTY - The Indian Parent Advisory Committee, Grants/Cibola County Schools, had their last meeting of the year on Wednesday at the Grants High School Auditorium. More than one dozen parents attended on May 14.

The meeting agenda included: A presentation on the Gear Up Program by Gary Atencio, a Title III action plan presentation by Rosemary Calvert, Indian Education Coordinator's Report by Bob Tenequer, Title VII presentation by Joseph Martin-IPAC Educator Co-chair.

The night began with Atencio's presentation about the many advantages of the Gear Up program including credit recovery, dual enrollment and Edgenuity program. He also shared information about summer classes at GHS in trigonometry, and geometry.

Atencio noted that at the end of this school year the program will have a given students more than 500 college credits since the program started two years ago.
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Federal Program Director Calvert presented the Title III action plan. Calvert told parents about the objectives of the Program, to measure the English proficiency of bilingual students. The program now tests Spanish speakers but is working on testing Navajo children next year. She shared that the populations within the communities drive the program types and funding. She advised that once a child is enrolled in a language in elementary school they should keep up with it through high school for the educational benefit of the student.

The Title VII presentation by IPAC Educator Co-chair Martin led parents in a detailed review of Formula Grant Electronic Application System for Indian Education (EASIE Allocation 1- Initial) School year 2014-15. It is Part II of the Grant Application. The report went identified the uses of $268,900 awarded for July 1, 2014, through June 30, 2015. The report noted the coordination of service, Indian Education Project Description, and the most discussed portion was the Budget. Parents and Los Alamitos Middle School Principal Joan Gilmore voted to move $5,600 in funds from personnel to “other” so that students will get the maximum benefit from funds.  Funds under “other” in the report are used in programs throughout the year for services, transportation for programs, testing fees, and related activities.

At the meeting’s conclusion Martin noted that the first IPAC meeting of the next school year will be the second Wednesday in September and two board seats will be up for election: Lorraine Whitehorse's position as Navajo Parent Co-chair and Cheryl Martinez' position as Acoma Parent Co-Chair will be vacant in September.

Call Bob Tenequer, director of Indian Education for the Grants/Cibola County Schools, at 285-2605, for more information on IPAC.

Source:  Cibola Beacon