Evaluation Projects & Research

NCCEP recognizes that program evaluation is an integral part of managing, improving, sustaining, and advocating for a GEAR UP grant. NCCEP provides a variety of services and tools to assist grantees in collecting, sharing, and interpreting data.

NCCEP is committed to sound research and evaluation of the GEAR UP program. If you are pursuing scholarly work on GEAR UP including dissertations or publications we can provide initial consultation to you. For more information, please contact Chrissy Tillery, Director of Evaluation at Chrissy_Tillery@edpartnerships.org.

College and Career Readiness Evaluation Consortium (CCREC)

The College and Career Readiness Evaluation Consortium is a collaboration of Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) state grantees that currently includes: Arizona, Idaho, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. The purpose of the Consortium is to foster collaboration among its members; demonstrate the impact of GEAR UP across local, state, and national levels of implementation; and build a culture of evidenced-based assessment and decision-making.

Learn more about the Evaluation Consortium and current collaboration opportunities.

The Evaluators' Institute

Each summer at the NCCEP/GEAR UP Annual Conference, NCCEP offers an Evaluator Institute for evaluators from all areas of expertise. The Evaluator Institute includes three post-conference workshops covering a range of evaluation topics. Each of the three workshops is targeted for individuals with different levels of evaluation experience. Information on the Evaluator Institute is available in late spring as registration for the NCCEP/GEAR UP Annual Conference becomes available. Visit the Conferences & Trainings page for more details. 

GEAR UP Evaluator's Networking Website

The GEAR UP evaluator’s website is a place for networking, resources, and a collective place for dedicated researchers and evaluators to pool their knowledge to further the mission of GEAR UP through rigorous research and formative and summative evaluation. This site allows professionals to build community, share resources, and advance the body of research and evaluation to illustrate the capacity of GEAR UP to contribute strategically to the national goals of post secondary access and completion.

Interested GEAR UP evaluators can request access to the site by emailing Chrissy Tillery, NCCEP Director of Evaluation.

GEAR UP Program Locator

Are GEAR UP services available in your state or region? You can find out by clicking on this interactive map. Here you will find where GEAR UP programs currently serve students, the size of their grants, how many students they serve and a link to their website for more information.