Evaluation Consortium

The College and Career Readiness Evaluation Consortium (CCREC) is a Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) member state organization that currently includes: Arizona, Idaho, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. The purpose of the Consortium is to foster collaboration among its members; demonstrate the impact of GEAR UP across local, state, and national levels of implementation; and build a culture of evidenced-based assessment and decision-making.

The Consortium is conducting a multi-state evaluation of the GEAR UP program to assess the impact of common interventions. The Consortium will use the following guidelines: Systemic Planning (FY 2011-12), Research and Evaluation Framework (FY 2012-13), and Implementation (FY 2013-18).

Two partners to the State GEAR UP grantees are (1) ACT, Inc. a nonprofit organization and provider of the products (EXPLORE, PLAN, and ACT) that serve as the primary assessment tools used by the Consortium states to facilitate common research and evaluation activities, and (2) National Council for Community and Education Partnerships (NCCEP), the U.S. Department of Education-designated technical assistance provider and policy advocate for GEAR UP nationally. NCCEP serves as the managing partner for the Consortium.

The Consortium acknowledges the importance of a national project to advance the evaluation of a national program and, as such, will engage the interest of selected stakeholders, providing them with information and updates on a regular basis. Key stakeholders include: U.S. Department of Education, State GEAR UP grantees, and future Funding Partner(s).

For a summary of the Consortium's goals and objectives, click here.

CCREC Press Releases

Multi-State Consortium Shares Best Practices with the National GEAR UP Community

In an effort to strengthen GEAR UP’s culture of evidence-based assessment, the Consortium states agreed to voluntarily adopt common data collection and evaluation practices, and document more comprehensively the impact of GEAR UP across local, state, and national levels of implementation. The adoption of standard service definitions is the first product of the multi-state effort. These definitions are being shared with all GEAR UP programs, and can be adopted by other GEAR UP state and partnership grantees at their discretion.

The GEAR UP Service Definitions can be found here.

GEAR UP Program Locator

Are GEAR UP services available in your state or region? You can find out by clicking on this interactive map. Here you will find where GEAR UP programs currently serve students, the size of their grants, how many students they serve and a link to their website for more information.