Career & College Clubs (CCC)


Career & College Clubs (“CCC”) is a peer-to-peer intervention that provides students with the knowledge, tools, support, and confidence they need to plan for and assume responsibility for their futures. Through the 2015-2016 academic year, the program had been adopted by more than 300 schools and nonprofit organizations, reaching 50,000+ students. 


ACT, Inc. conducted two reviews of Career & College Clubs, each one finding the program shows promise in achieving its goals.

The first review, completed in 2013, used 10th grade data to examine progress of students who participated in Career & College Clubs while in middle school. The study found that both the students and their peers had higher aspirations for their high school years, postseconday education attainmnet, and eventual careers, when compared to students from similar schools.  

The second study, reported in 2015, followed students through the first year after graduation to understand their rates of college enrollment. They found that the odds of Career & College Clubs mentors enrolling in postsecondary education are 85% higher than for comparison students.


Career & College Clubs is implemented at the individual school level as either an after-school offering, or as part of the school-day academic program.

Once a site signs on, either directly or through their district/partner, they will join other schools throughout the country whose students benefit from Career & Colleges Clubs:

·       Curriculum

Curriculum covering topics such as college access and completion, career planning, leadership, academic behaviors, social emotional skills, community improvement, and financial literacy. Designed and written for the student, the curriculum encourages students to take responsibility for their own future success, as well as model positive behaviors for their peers.

The middle grade program is available now, the high school expansion will be ready for fall 2017.

·       Peer-to-Peer Learning

Peer-to-peer learning is an essential piece to the success of Career & College Clubs. The student-led model allows students to develop a personal understanding for why their actions today impact their long-term success. Along the way, they create opportunities to share their knowledge and excitement with peers, leading to a positive impact even for students who do not participate in the club.

·       Training

We offer sites personalized training that introduces the staff to the essentials of the program, best practices, strategies for organizing and implementation, and more to assist in developing a successful program.

·       Club Support

The training is supplemented by our online support center that not only provides access to the materials, but also provides a platform to interact with other sites. Sites also have access to Career & College Clubs staff to help address questions and troubleshoot.

Benefits for GEAR UP Programs

You don’t need to participate in GEAR UP to adopt Career & College Clubs, but there are real advantages for including Career & College Clubs in your GEAR UP program:

·         Research-based and evaluated.

·         Can remain in schools after the GEAR UP cohort moves on.

·         Turnkey solution to help your students become college and career ready.

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